About ACM

Get what you want every time — from the world-class companies of ACM.

ACM is a non-profit regional network of independent Connecticut and southwestern Massachusetts based aerospace companies. Our mission is to attract the global aerospace industry to this, The World’s Aerospace Alley!®, where ACM member firms form a unique industrial cooperative of long-established aerospace manufacturers, processors and suppliers, offering a cost-effective supply chain that exceeds customer expectations.  Working together as a network, member companies collectively offer broader capabilities than they could as individuals. TOGETHER, a WORLD OF EXPERTISE!

ACM member companies are united by a single goal: Be the world leader in providing customers with aerospace components of unsurpassed quality, competitive prices and on-time delivery.

To achieve that goal, we work with our peers and with regional, national and international experts to ensure continuous improvement of our products and services. The cornerstone of our efforts is an aggressive program for adopting and implementing lean enterprise practices and conducting ongoing workforce training and development.

ACM means:

  • The most cost effective manufacturing – meeting the requirements of the worldwide aerospace industry with products and services of unsurpassed quality.
  • Fast turnaround times – always meeting customer delivery requirements.
  • Multi-company teaming – providing added value and enhanced procurement and logistics savings for the customer.
  • Customer’s savings in supplier management – eliminate the need to send representatives on repeated trips checking on isolated suppliers; now, a wide range of vendors can be monitored in a single location.

And today, ACM is your entry to the world’s AEROSPACE ALLEY!®

For generations, leading aerospace components manufacturers have been concentrated in Connecticut and southwestern Massachusetts. Today, this region of America, Aerospace Alley!®, has third and fourth generation aerospace machinists and toolmakers. Employees at ACM member companies have skill levels that simply can’t be matched in any other region of the globe.  


What Makes ACM Unique?


By joining forces on initiatives involving lean manufacturing, employee training, group purchasing and more, ACM companies achieve productivity improvements at an accelerated pace. An ongoing collaboration opens doors to partnerships that benefit both the member companies and their customers.

  • ACM helps member companies expand new business opportunities by implementing the vision of a multi-company `virtual supply chain’ and supports the introduction of member companies to the worldwide aerospace market.


The range of precision aerospace products and services available from ACM’s region exceeds those of any other location in the world. From cases and gears to sophisticated rotor parts and sub-assemblies — if it’s required for flight, ACM member companies make it in Connecticut.

  • ACM takes a multi Level supportive approach, offering company presidents, managers, and operations staffs an environment where experiences are shared, ideas are discussed and knowledge is increased at meetings, events and workshops.

Lean Manufacturing

We are leaders in lean manufacturing practices. Working with the world’s foremost experts, our members continuously increase efficiency and reduce waste by implementing best practices in lean manufacturing.

  • ACM offers seminars and workshops, and conducts shop level Kaizen’s at member companies utilizing the expertise of fellow members, local and world-class consultants.


Connecticut’s aerospace workforce is the most highly skilled in the world, thanks to more than a half-century of experience in producing the world’s finest aerospace components. ACM’s aggressive workforce training initiatives ensure that employees constantly improve their skills and develop expertise in new technologies.

  • ACM offers a multi-course curriculum designed with the needs of aerospace manufacturers at its core, the ACM Workforce Development Program provides invaluable skills training delivered by experts on-site at member companies.


The comprehensive capabilities of ACM’s world-class manufacturers — as well as specialty support services — are located in a single region, AEROSPACE ALLEY!®   No other area of the world has a comparable concentration of aerospace talent and capabilities.

Resources and Partnerships

ACM has established partnerships with state agencies and makes the most of state and federally funded programs geared toward continuously improving productivity, competitiveness and workforce skills. Our efforts have the full support of the State of Connecticut, which recognizes the unique advantages ACM offers to aerospace companies worldwide.