ACM: World Leaders in Aerospace Since Flight Began

The Aerospace Components Manufacturers, ACM, is one of the largest, most experienced concentrations of premier aerospace companies in the world.  Situated within a 50-mile radius of Hartford, CT, known as The World’s AEROSPACE ALLEY!®, our firms grew up where aerospace was born. Today, our precision components take to the skies every day, in every corner of the globe, as they have since the inception of powered flight.

ACM member companies are united by a single goal; be the world leader in providing customers with aerospace components of unsurpassed quality, at competitive prices and always, on-time delivery.

To achieve that goal, we work with our peers and with regional, national and international experts to ensure continuous improvement of our products and services. The cornerstone of our efforts is an aggressive program for adopting and implementing lean enterprise practices and conducting ongoing workforce training and development.

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Innovation & Lean Manufacturing

Our members continuously increase efficiency and reduce waste by implementing the best practices in Lean manufacturing. Constant innovation with the latest advanced technology ensures this region is recognized as the world’s center of excellence for aerospace manufacturing.

Our membership includes 130 Aerospace Component Manufactures, Processors and Suppliers


By joining forces to promote Lean manufacturing, employee training, new technologies and more, ACM companies achieve productivity improvements at an accelerated pace. Ongoing collaboration opens doors to partnerships that benefit both members and their customers.

$ 0M
Our members represent over $3.2 Billion in annual revenue


This areas workforce is one of the most highly skilled in the world, thanks to more than a half-century of experience. ACM’s workforce training initiatives ensure that employees constantly improve skills and develop expertise in new technologies.

Our members employ over 11,000 highly skilled workers in CT and Western MA